Monday, July 20, 2009

Manila Club Scene: Embassy Superclub

In Manila, many clubs have come and gone. Absinthe? This, as well as Ice, Temple, Bed Space have all gone out of the window. Alchemy? 3 rooms gone to waste. Warehouse? Heard the crowd isn't that good anymore. Jaipur? Same story. Bottom line, clubs just don't last!

But then again, there's always an exception to the rule: Embassy Superclub.

I've been going to Embassy since high school. I revisit the place every time I go back to Manila. Why? It never disappoints.

Superb Service. The waiter was always on his toes.
Confesion: I love how they're always armed with a lighter :)

Embassy Fly
Great music! Awesome transitions and song choices.

Most importantly, I was with good company

I don't know how it does it but Embassy makes EVERYONE dance

Good vibes till closing time
(Which reminds me the only thing I hate about it, it abides by Fort's curfew)


A perfect end to Summer in Manila '09

My next destination?
It's a secret I'll never tell (not until my next post anyway)


Cafe Ysabel

Located a few blocks away from Greenhills is a haven for gastronomists:



Aside from being established in a 1920s ancestral home, the restaurant is famed for being home to the cultinary institute of reknowned chef, Gene Gonzales.

I went to the restaurant last week with my grandmother and this was what we ordered:

• Menu •
Lavash (Iranian) bread
~ • ~
Crisp smoked fish wantons in salsa verde
Pan Fried gooseliver with lightly tossed greens and apple-ginger tatin
~ • ~
Braised lamb shank
~ • ~
White wine
~ • ~
Crème brulee


Two much for 2 ladies? Guess what? We finished every single one of them. The waiters probably thought we were barbarians. Holy shit, the food was so good. PLUS can you believe the whole meal - including a glass of wine each - only cost us a little over Php 1600 (USD 33)?!

It's now officially my favorite restaurant in Manila. I can't wait to go back!

P.S. I recently discovered that apparently Mr. Anthony Bourdain himself visited the restaurant as well – dammit, the man beat me to it.

Café Ysabel
455 P. Guevarra Street
San Juan, Metro Manila
(632) 726-9326

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi, I'm Lady Bellini

Hey beautiful! Lady B here.

I’m a traveler.
I’m an adventurer.
I’m a dreamer.

In other words, I’m a female Anthony Bourdain wannabe (He always leaves the shopping part out anyway)

Get ready to eat, shop, and live the good life.

Lady B